we are at a critical
moment in history.


Globally, approximately one in three of all adults suffer from multiple chronic health conditions

Half of the world’s population will experience a mental health disorder

Broken social structures struggle to accommodate the ever transient and rapidly evolving nature of society, mankind, and tech

Identity crises and feelings of hopelessness only grow stronger each year

I believe the world
needs a renaissance.

Wellness, healthcare, spiritual awakening, politics, education, corporations we need to reconsider how everything functions and open our eyes to how we fit into the bigger picture of human evolution and the creation of a world that’s healthier, happier, and so much more loving than what we know today.

My team and I have been working to create this world, beginning with communities around the globe that are capable of seizing their potential. We’ve done this through different modalities, that can help you depending on your specific needs


Healing & Beyond

We use a three-pronged approach to offer better healthcare, academic courses and research opportunities, and powerful nutraceuticals to ensure that any individual has all the tools they might need to live as their best self.


Embracing the
Human Experience

Traverse physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual realms to awaken your mind, body, and soul in a 12-week program and experience true growth and evolution.


Heal the Healers

An exclusive program for iThrive Academy and Research Center students. Healing the world begins by healing within.

Here are more ways to explore how we can help you heal.

Baner Hill Cleanup

As someone who loves being immersed in nature, I was devastated to find that the hills I love walking on were covered in filth and litter left by irresponsible visitors. Saddened by the destruction of nature’s sanctity, me and Rahul Kadam - a localite who shares my passion for cleaning public spaces - joined together to remove the garbage and litter from Pune’s famous Baner Hills.
If this initiative resonates with you and you’d like to get involved, reach out to me, and together we can create beautiful, clean spaces for all of us.

Here are more ways to explore
how we can help you heal.
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